Shears & Scissors


I sharpen beveled edge scissors & shears and put a true convex edge on convexed shears. You will enjoy the feel and ease of freshly sharpened scissors & shears.

On shears with a established ride line, maintaining that inside ride line is very importantant for ease of cutting and that silky smooth feel like they were when you first bought them. On many shears that I come across, the ride line is no longer there because it takes more time to maintain.

I sharpen shears for Barbers, Hair Stylists & Pet Groomers.

I sharpen Bandage & Surgical Scissors for veterinarians, as well as dental practices

I sharpen fabric and upholstery scissors.

I offer discounts for sharpening shears for cosmetolegy students

I have a collection of hand made work knives that I had taken to two sharpeners with poor results. I gave Ed a try with my most prized knife, and he delivered it back as sharp and as perfect as when it was made for me 20 years ago. Very professional, conscientious and a pleasure to work with.

Mark Norris