If you depend upon your knives for your living, or if that set you got years ago has become dull with use over the years, I can sharpen them for you without sending them away to the factory for weeks at a time.

Professionally sharpened knives slice so much easier that you will find that you work faster and you will work more safely as you no longer have to push so hard to cut through meat and connecting tissue.


Kitchen knives are done on a drop off basis only.


I met Ed in September 2012 after losing my clipper sharpening resource to serious health issues. Ed was so accommodating offering to help me with my first order over a weekend when he normally was not scheduled to work. The reason for this was my former clipper sharpening contact had to move out of the area to be closer to his family due to health issues. Meanwhile my blades were seriously overdue for maintenance and he gladly helped me as above stated to get things in order.

He is very professional, does a thorough and expeditious job and points out things to you that need attention for proper maintenance.

Furthermore, he has worked with me by making things easier since I am a mobile dog groomer by meeting me in Monument when I see my one and only client there. Additionally, I don't go to Colorado Springs because all of my clients are based much further north.

I feel very fortunate to know Ed and I feel very relieved now that he is helping me with my clipper blade sharpening needs. I know that I am in good hands and can rely on him.

Vera Thompson
Tender Loving Canine Care
Castle Rock, CO