If you depend upon your knives for your living, or if that set you got years ago has become dull with use over the years, I can sharpen them for you without sending them away to the factory for weeks at a time.

Professionally sharpened knives slice so much easier that you will find that you work faster and you will work more safely as you no longer have to push so hard to cut through meat and connecting tissue.


Kitchen knives are done on a drop off basis only.


Ed has been sharpening my wife's and my shears for years and we are extremely satisfied with the service. We tried several different sharpeners in the past and never were really satisfied. We would send our shears back to the manufacturer and have to not only to deal with shipping but also be without our shears for a couple of weeks.

Ed's mobile service is very convenient and his attention to detail is very refreshing.Thanks Ed.

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