Shears & Scissors


I sharpen beveled edge scissors & shears and put a true convex edge on convexed shears. You will enjoy the feel and ease of freshly sharpened scissors & shears.

On shears with a established ride line, maintaining that inside ride line is very importantant for ease of cutting and that silky smooth feel like they were when you first bought them.


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If you depend upon your knives for your living, or if that set you got years ago has become dull with use over the years, I can sharpen them for you without sending them away to the factory for weeks at a time.

Professionally sharpened knives slice so much easier that you will find that you work faster and you will work more safely as you no longer have to push so hard to cut through meat and connecting tissue.



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Clipper Blades


I take great pride in sharpening clipper blades from home grooming to professional shops and also blades in the Equine market. I use a multiple step process in sharpening clipper blades to assure they cut as good as new or better.

Regular repair and maintenance on your Andis or Oster clippers is critical on the performance of clipper blades after sharpening.


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I have a solid reputation built upon years of experience.  When it Comes to service and satisfaction I'm "old school".

I have been in business in the Colorado Springs region since 1997 and have clients throughout the Pikes Peak area.  If you are in Monument, Falcon, Woodland Park, Fountain or points in between, I will come to your business, saving you time and money.